Caffè Casa features an unparalleled offering of loose teas, utilizing classic yet elegant British-designed Chatsford porcelain teapots.

The shop offers more than fifty different varieties, including organic, a wide selection of green, black, white and yellow teas, chocolate and rooibos chai, Moroccan mint green, and choices between flavored and non-fla

John and Kathy are both avid tea drinkers, at home and at the shop. They carefully curate their tea offerings. Very few coffee houses can rival their abundant selections.

The shop brews a tea of the day from loose tea, always black and the selection changes daily.  We also have daily tea specials. It may be a “sweet honey black tea” that is not sweetened but leaves a slippery mouth feel with natural subtle nuances, or a flowering green tea, served in a glass teapot so you can watch it unfurl.

Kathy's best-selling healing herbal tea is handcrafted entirely in the shop and completely organic.

John and Kathy’s passion for tea has been featured in the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Caffè Casa mainly sources its fine teas from Upton Tea Imports in Holliston, Mass. The company only purchases teas from the most reputable brokers and estates worldwide and deals only with sources that are capable of providing top-quality teas.