Since its conception in 1992, Caffè Casa has been dedicated to the environment.

Caffè owners John and Kathy Beebe began their conservation efforts the minute they opened the shop’s doors.

Before Kalamazoo had a municipal recycling program, they were recycling all of their paper and cardboard, all of their plastic (think lots of milk jugs), glass, tin and

John and Kathy see themselves as stewards of this precious earth — it is a heartfelt conviction, not just a matter of 'doing the right thing'. This has been a guiding principle for decades at Caffè Casa.

Spring planting begins in early March

Being avid home gardeners, composting all the organic waste at the shop has an awesome side benefit — wonderful, rich soil for growing herbs and greens.

The past few years John has been growing organic greens in the compost soil created from C
affè Casa to enjoy at home and share with customers.
In 2015, the couple took the next major, logical step to expand their environmental efforts.

1,500 square feet of growing

They erected a large hoop house — 1,500 square feet — behind their home to help speed up the crop of spring greens substantially, and increase production so Caffè Casa patrons can enjoy amazing, completely organic salads through the fall.

Think crisp, fresh homegrown arugula, kale and a wide range of mixed greens. Spinach is now in the lineup along with several new varieties of arugula, John and Kathy's favorite. 

Arugula with a peppery punch in varying levels of heat, much like that of hot peppers — adds

By May, greens are going strong

not only incredible flavor but many health benefits including cancer prevention, high antioxidants, Vitamins C, A and K. Rich in minerals, arugula also helps strengthen bones.

John and Kathy hope to build on their years of experience growing quality organic greens to bring more of this goodness from the Casa

Holiday salad

Farm to the Caffè Table.

Stop in for a salad, sandwich or wrap with customized greens to suit your tastes, and support one of Kalamazoo's oldest locally-owned, environmentally-friendly coffee shops.

Baby kale                                                Teen-aged kale


Baby mixed greens                                Teen-aged mixed greens

Spinach                                                 Dragon’s Tongue arugula

Bacon feta salad                                  Turkey croissant with fresh greens


Casa Farm to Caffè Table

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